How I Got Started

A lifetime of passion for the interplay of light and color finally brought me to discovering my own talent and my life's purpose of creating art. For the last several years, I've focused on finding my niche in the art world by developing new painting techniques and experimenting with color mixes, mixed media, and very large format abstracts. I give thanks to God for my art skills and truly want to paint to glorify HIM through my paintings. My art is focused on the positive by painting about faith, hope, love, goodness, power, belonging, redemption, light and strength. I am often inspired by a particular scripture prior to painting, but more often, a verse comes to me after the painting is finished. I am also often inspired by song titles and song phrases since just thinking of them can stir emotions that translate to a painted canvas.  

This website and store, features all my latest work that is available for sale, plus some 'Sold' items where a similar painting can be recreated for the interested art collector.  I reside in Durham, North Carolina and have my art studio in the hills of Hillsborough, North Carolina just a few miles away from my home so I am now living the dream of being a full time artist!  

International art fans, please shop for my work at

~Forever In Love With Art
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