• Abstract Ballet


    "Abstract Ballet" by Linda D. Bailey  6" Wide x 6" High on canvas board, in frame that is 8" Wide x 8" High

    Collection:  Synchronized Spectrum

    This contemporary artwork made from my art studio recycled materials, showcases a grid of 25 individual abstract squares, each measuring 1" x 1". The composition is arranged in a symmetrical pattern, with five squares by five squares, creating a sense of structure and harmony. The color palette is centered around pinks and purples, creating a vibrant and energetic collection. The top three rows feature a range of pink and orange designs, that convey a sense of delicacy, femininity, and playfulness. In contrast, the bottom two rows predominantly feature purples, with swaths of orange and pink interspersed throughout. The purples add depth and richness to the composition, while the pops of orange and pink create exciting visual contrasts. This combination of colors evokes a sense of drama, passion, and movement. Each individual square, an abstract painting in its own right, has unique shapes, patterns, and textures. Together, they form a dynamic and captivating collection that resembles energetic dancers, their movements choreographed across the canvas.

    By mounting these squares on a canvas board, I have created a unified piece of art that celebrates the beauty and vivacity of color and movement. The artwork invites you to engage with its vibrant energy, evoking a sense of joy, vitality, and the expressive power of art in motion. This artwork has a very glossy finish. It is ready to ship and ready to hang. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany the artwork.


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