'Chambers' by Linda D. Bailey

16" Wide x 20" High x 1.5" Deep

I was inspired to paint this work of art while watching a show about people who explore caves. The painting illustrates more of the chambers one might find in caves and all of the artistic drawings and other treasures you might find in each chamber.  I've kept this painting in my personal collection for several months because I'm so fond of the rich hues, the depth of the layering and the drips that help form the chambers.  It's a glossy fluid and flow painting. The painting is 16" Wide x 20" High x 1.5" Deep created on a birch wood panel. The sides are painted black. The surface of the painting does have some texture - a smooth texture of raised surfaces. In person, it has more of an enameled appearance which is quite striking.  All the surfaces are coated with a UV-resistant gloss varnish.  This painting is ready to hang and ready to ship!

Being able to visually express my feelings, thoughts and passions onto a canvas is the fulfillment of my personal calling. For the last few years, I have enjoyed creating hundreds of  paintings in a variety of techniques, textures and color palettes.  I enjoy painting with acrylic colors on large sized canvases and hardwood panels and using paintbrushes, palette knives and variety of other tools to get the texture and effect I am looking to create. Most of my paintings and ideas are inspired by being outside, inspired by songs, and inspired by scripture. This inspiration is well emphasized by the titles I give my art.  My God-given desire, talent and enthusiasm in creating abstracts in my design studio has truly been a blessing. But also important to me is to share my art with friends, family and anyone who truly takes an interest in a piece.  Art is to be shared and to let someone else call it their own.  

Forever in love with art - Linda.