• Let There Be Light


    "Let There Be Light" by Linda D. Bailey 36" Wide x 24" High x 1.5" Deep

    "Let There be light" captures the essence of a sunlit scene. The artwork emanates a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty bestowed upon us by God. Drawing inspiration from Psalm 19:1, which speaks of the heavens declaring the glory of God and the sky proclaiming His handiwork, this painting seeks to immerse viewers in the breathtaking splendor of His creation. The composition portrays a small lake scene, with the sun positioned just beyond the top edge of the painting. The sky is mostly clear, with a few wispy clouds that add a touch of softness and depth. I've added the depiction of the glistening water, which radiates with the shimmering reflections of sunlight. This visual effect beautifully captures the interplay between light and liquid, inviting viewers to experience the tranquility and enchantment of the scene. The inspiration for this artwork comes from a personal experience I had in Longmont, Colorado, approximately 25 years ago. The small lake and its enchanting play of light served as the reference for "Let There be light."  The painting encapsulates the essence of that moment and the profound beauty of God's creation. Ultimately, "Let There be light" serves as a visual testament to the glory and craftsmanship of God. It echoes the sentiment expressed in Psalm 19:1, encouraging viewers to recognize and marvel at the wonders of creation.  In conclusion, "Let There be light" is a captivating abstract water painting that transports viewers to a sunlit lakeside scene. Through the use of light, reflections, and an intimate artistic style, it invites viewers to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of God's creation. The artwork serves as a visual homage to the glory of God through nature and an invitation to deeply appreciate all that has been bestowed upon us.

    A satin varnish has been applied to the painting. This artwork is ready to ship and ready to hang. 

    Love this painting but you’d like it in a different size or different color? I can paint one the size you need and also use colors that you choose. To get the conversation started, reach out to me via email at lindabailey@abstractartbylinda.com.


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