• Pink Lemonade By The Pool


    'Pink Lemonade By The Pool' by Linda D. Bailey

    This upbeat fun abstract shouts the joys of summer with it's carefree style!  Imagine yourself sitting by the pool sipping a cool glass of pink lemonade. I was inspired to paint this abstract by thinking of all the fun things happening in the summer months. "Pink Lemonade By The Pool" is an abstract painting that emanates a vibrant and energetic feeling. The color scheme is a delightful combination which gives the artwork a sense of cheerfulness and warmth. These colors blend harmoniously and contrast just enough to make it a lively piece. The cooler colors serve to represent a shimmering pool, offering a refreshing contrast to the predominantly warm hues. I've used various shapes to suggest the presence of bubbles and ice cubes creating a playful effect. The overall feeling is a sense of joy and lightness, as if one is enjoying a refreshing glass of pink lemonade.

    Overall, "Pink Lemonade By The Pool" is a bright and colorful painting that portrays an atmosphere of joy, relaxation, and summer fun. Through its lively combination of pink, orange, yellow, white, and blue tones, as well as the playful representation of bubbles and ice cubes, the painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in a vibrant and refreshing visual experience. This artwork is 24" wide x 36" high x 1.5" deep. A satin varnish has been applied to all the painted surfaces. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this artwork. It is ready to ship and ready to hang! 

    Love this painting but you’d like it in a different size or different color? I can paint one the size you need and also use colors that you choose. To get the conversation started, reach out to me via email at lindabailey@abstractartbylinda.com.


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