Shimmering Water - Commission Available


Shimmering Water by Linda Bailey 48" x 24" x .5"

"Shimmering Water" is an abstract painting that beautifully captures the tranquil and uplifting qualities of a seascape. Inspired by John 4:14, which speaks of the eternal life-giving water provided by God, the artwork conveys a sense of serenity and spiritual awakening. The composition primarily consists of circles rendered in bluish-gray and white, meticulously arranged to evoke the mesmerizing effect of light dancing and reflecting off the water's surface. The overlapping circles create a dynamic visual texture, simulating the movement and fluidity of shimmering water. The hues of bluish-gray and white blend harmoniously, generating a soothing and ethereal atmosphere.  The painting's overall ambiance exudes both relaxation and upliftment. Symbolically, "Shimmering Water" represents more than just a seascape. It embodies the spiritual significance of water, which serves as a metaphor for the divine presence and eternal life. The shimmering quality of the water signifies the transcendent nature of God's spirit, as described in Genesis 1:2, where the Spirit of God hovers over the waters.

Although this painting has sold, a commission painting can be created for you in any size. To start the conversation reach out to Linda Bailey at

The painting encapsulates the notion of everlasting nourishment and satisfaction, referencing the scripture from John 4:14. It suggests that through a deep connection with God, one can experience a source of spiritual renewal and fulfillment that surpasses earthly desires. Overall, "Shimmering Water" is a captivating abstract seascape that combines the calming qualities of water with the profound spiritual symbolism. Through its skillful use of circles, bluish-gray and white hues, and the suggestion of shimmering light, the artwork envelops viewers in a peaceful and contemplative space. It serves as a reminder of the eternal nourishment and life-giving presence offered by the Spirit of God, inviting viewers to drink deeply from the wellspring of spiritual connection and find solace in its tranquil beauty. 

This acrylic painting has the sides painted to coordinate with the artwork. A matte varnish has been applied to the front and sides. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this artwork. This painting is ready to ship and ready to hang. 

Love this painting but you’d like it in a different size or different color? I can paint one the size you need and also use colors that you choose. To get the conversation started, reach out to me via email at


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