• Splendor Like the Sunrise


    "Splendor Like the Sunrise" by Linda D. Bailey  24" Wide x 36" High x 1.5" Deep

    "Splendor Like The Sunrise" is an abstract that beautifully captures the essence of an ocean sunrise. Inspired by the verses in Habakkuk 3, which speak of God's glory, splendor, and power likened to the radiance of the sunrise, this artwork seeks to convey a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty found in the natural world. The painting features a lightly textured surface. It depicts an early dawn scene, where the sky remains somewhat dark, yet the first glimmers of sunlight begin to emerge. The interplay between light and darkness symbolizes the dawning of a new day and the gradual illumination of the world. This approach enables viewers to engage with the artwork on a visceral level, encouraging personal reflections and interpretations of the splendor of God's creation.  The intention behind "Splendor Like The Sunrise" is to evoke a sense of wonder and to inspire the viewer to recognize and appreciate the divine beauty that surrounds us. It serves as a visual reminder to seek God's splendor not only in this particular artwork but also in every sunrise and sunset—moments that can often be filled with awe-inspiring displays of color, light, and tranquility.  In conclusion, "Splendor Like The Sunrise" captures the ethereal beauty of an ocean sunrise. I would like viewers to experience a moment of spiritual connection and reflection on the glory and splendor of God's creation. The artwork serves as a visual testament to the ever-present beauty in the world around us, encouraging viewers to embrace and appreciate the awe-inspiring wonders that unfold each day.

    This painting is wired and ready to ship and hang. A satin varnish has been applied to the painted surfaces including the sides. The painting continues around to the sides. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this work of art.


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