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'Story' by Linda Bailey 
36" Wide x 24" High x 1.5" Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Although this painting has sold, I would love to create a new one just for you in any size you desire!

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 This textured, abstract, contemporary painting is 36" wide x 24" high x 1.5" deep. It has the sides painted black and a UV-resistant satin varnish applied. The artwork itself and the name of the painting were both inspired by a song composed by a friend of mine. As I am standing looking at all the different colors and lights reflecting in the water, as I look around at all that is going on around me, and I look up to the clear sunny sky, I am thinking about and feeling this way: "The Story Of Our Lives" I'd do anything for you; just ask me to. Everything I do, I do for you. Nothing can stop me now, no way no how. When I think of you, I see your smile. There is nothing different between you and me; for you I'd give my life. And when I see you standing there; I know you really care. This is the story of our lives. I'd love you forevermore, be the one you're waiting for. Blow kisses in the dark, surrounding your heart. One chance is all I ask, to prove our love will last. Look to the future and not the past. Copyright: 2014 Rene' Couch (used here by permission of Rene' Couch). Such a sweet song and I am blessed to have Rene as a good friend.


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