Summer Rain


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'Summer Rain' by Linda Bailey

20" Wide x 16" High x 1.5" Deep 

Besides enjoying the blooming and new green growth in my area of the country - North Carolina - I've been looking online at all the photos being posted showing beautiful signs of spring. As we approach summer with all the deep greens, I thought about the summer rains and how they can really cool off a day - at least for a short period of time. This textured piece captures that momentary coolness of a summer rain. It's painted on a wood birch panel which is mounted to be 1.5" thick. It is very neat with sharp straight corners and is what I think is the perfect painting surface. I have painted the sides a very, very dark blue which really looks like black. A gloss finish has been applied to the surfaces to protect it from dust and sunlight. This painting is ready to hang!


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