Viaje Bendita


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'Viaje Bendita' by Linda Bailey 
24" Wide x 24" High x 1.5" Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

I didn't have a plan when I began creating this piece last week. Sometimes I feel like there is so much to do at work, at home, at the art studio, that it can start to feel overwhelming. I wanted to get away and pretty much run away from all of it for awhile. Then I stopped and remembered (once again) that I am so blessed. All the things that can drive me crazy are still blessings in my life. So, yea, I'm on a blessed voyage while I'm on this journey on earth. And I am very thankful for it. Then I started painting and created this serene yet inspiring 'Blessed Trip'.  Calming and engaging yet it almost has a heavenly feeling. This painting is 24" x 24" x 1.5" deep, has a satin UV-resistant varnish coating on all surfaces, has the sides painted black and this blessed voyage is ready to hang!


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